7 Must-Try Food in Hanoi

If you are looking for street food or affordable food in general, Hanoi might be the paradise you’re longing for. Influenced by French cuisines, the food is fragrant and full of flavor while still carries its own uniqueness. You’ve already seen a lot of tempting food when you wander around Hanoi but there are some classic dishes that you simply should not miss out.



Pho is probably one of the most well-known dishes in Hanoi. This steaming noodle soup dish can be eaten all the time, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in hot or freezing cold weather. It’s made with rice noodles, bone broth and plenty of fresh herbs. You can add chili sauce or vinegar to your flavor. Pho Bo (beef) or Pho Ga (chicken) is two options for your choice.

Bun Cha


Barack Obama made bun cha more popular to foreigner tourists when he ate it with Anthony Bourdain from his visit to Vietnam. You can find bun cha everywhere in the capital city of Hanoi. It’s a mixed plate of grilled fatty pork and meat ball pork over a plate of white rice noodle and herbs, with a bowl of dipping sauce. Mix the ingredients together as you please!

Egg Coffee


Egg coffee is a unique coffee treat from Hanoi that’s sweet and tasty even though the name sounds a little off.  It has a rich Vietnamese coffee base with frothy egg yolk whisked with condensed milk on top. There are plenty of places in Hanoi selling it, but the most famous is the original Cafe Giang.

Banh Mi


All hail the mighty Banh Mi. You can find Banh Mi stalls particularly everywhere in the country, serving the famous simple-yet-delicious sandwich. This is also the dish where you can find the French influence: fresh and crunchy baguette with pate, pork, fresh herbs, pickle carrots and chilli sauce.

It’s the perfect dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can eat it everywhere, standing or sitting.

Banh Xeo


This famous street food is actually a Vietnamese version of crispy savory pancake. The batter is a mix of rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric. They then put pork strips, shrimp, bean sprouts and spring onion on top of the batter and fry it to perfection. You can eat Banh Xeo by placing a piece of it on a rice paper roll, add fresh veggies and dip it into sour sauce.

My Van Than


This noodle dish originated from China around the 1930s, and is a popular dish in Hanoi nowadays.  A bowl of My Van Than is served with clear broth, mince pork/shrimp wonton dumplings, mushrooms, boiled pork and boiled egg.

Pho Chien Phong


This is literally the fried version of Pho. Pho Chien Phong is a dish of deep fried square rice noodles. The fried noodle puffs are served with tender beef, steamed vegetables and a thick broth. It’s a super delicious feast. You’ll find lots of great Pho Chien Phong stalls in Hanoi’s Truc Bach neighbourhood.

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