A Splendid View Of Drifting Fog Over Hue Ancient Capital

There is day like this when you can enjoy a dreamy atmosphere of the ancient capital under the mist blending with the clouds and the morning sun. If you are ready to experience this, contact Asia Charm Tours at our website Sapa Tours and we make sure to have everything planned as you want.


In the photo you can see a part of Hue blanketed by early morning fog.


When the winter approaches, the whole city of Hue is covered in mist in the early morning. Unlike other provinces in the south of Hai Van Pass, Hue has cold winter that is similar to the north of Vietnam. When the cold air and high humidity season comes, the ancient capital of Hue also enters the fog season.


Hue Imperial Citadel under the white mist. The entire citadel was built on an area of over 500 hectares, including Hoang Thanh and Tu Cam Thanh in early 19th century.


A thick mist covered Truong Tien Bridge across the Huong River. The bridge, completed in 1899, is one of the symbols of Hue, designed and constructed by Gustave Eiffel, the architect who designed the Eiffel Tower in France and the Statue of Liberty in the U.S.


Truong Tien Bridge has many names: Thanh Thai Bridge, Clémenceau Bridge, Nguyen Hoang Bridge and Truong Tien bridge (Trang Tien).


Da Vien Bridge in the morning mist. Da Vien Bridge is situated in the southwest of Hue


The mist is gradually cleared around 8:30 am on Thien An hill. Thien An is a mountainous area in the south of Hue, located on the way to Khai Dinh mausoleum, about 2 km from Cau Lim junction. Viewed from above, Thien An hill appears in the green of pine forests and the highest point on the hill is Thien An monastery.


Misty view above Guanyin Statue on Tu Tuong Mountain, Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy District. To reach the mountain top, visitors will have to climb 145 cement steps in a lush green pine forest.


Fog appears near Son Tho Lake in Huong Tra Town, Huong Tra Commune, 15 km from Hue. The lake serves the irrigation to 80 hectares of rice and local vegetables.

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