Da Nang Ranks First In The List Of 10 Global Destinations In 2020

Trending Destinations in 2020 is a list published by Google based on Google global travel and hotel search data, based on search density, popularity, price, as well as conditions for travel.

According to statistics from Google Hotel Search Data published in December 2019, Da Nang has risen to the top of the list of top 10 global destinations in 2020. Remember to add Da Nang to your travel plan when making reservation at our website Sapa Tours as well!

The report wrote: “The sandy beaches in Danang, the nightlife of São Paulo and Korean barbecue in Seoul are the first things that those planning for this year’s vacation think of. Global hotel search, people from all over the world are interested in traveling to these destinations by 2020.


The next 9 cities include Sao Paolo (Brazil); Seoul (South Korea); Tokyo (Japan); Tel Aviv (Israel); Marseille (France); Vienna (Austria); Bangkok (Thailand); Dubai (United Arab Emirates); Perth (Australia).

Da Nang has surpassed many other famous cities in the world and especially Asian tourist hotspots such as Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) or Bangkok (Thailand), to stand in the Top 1.


This does not mean that perpetual tourist destinations like the rest of the cities are less popular, but just not included in the global user’s list of new discoveries.

In recent years, Da Nang has had a series of significant improvements in the tourism environment, contributing to bringing this industry to new heights.

With the data published by Google this time, Da Nang will be more confident when it becomes a new attractive destination for travelers around the world for the 2020 travel season.

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