Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss In Ha Giang

Which is the best place to greet the winter, enjoy the fresh air in the high place and admire the beautiful buckwheat flower fields? It’s Ha Giang! For more Ha Giang tours and information, look for it easily at our website Sapa Tours.


Ha Giang is a mountainous province, located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, 320 km from Hanoi. This place is famous for its wild and majestic beauty of nature. Ha Giang is also home to honest and hospitable upland people.


Yen Minh Pine Forest


This place is still known by many people as the second Da Lat of Vietnam because of the green pine forests, rising high between mountains. The cool atmosphere makes anyone feel comfortable and peaceful. Looking at Yen Minh pine forest from above, you can admire the soft, winding forests, next to the high mountains and rivers stretching upstream. The harmonious combination of mountains, clouds and sky creates a charming picture of nature.

Pho Bang Town


The “sleeping-beauty town” Pho Bang is located deep inside the rocky plateau valley, where the four sides are mountains and this is also the home of the Mong and Lo Lo people. There are old houses with unique architecture at Pho Bang. Coming here, you will think you are lost in an ancient Chinese village because of the houses with old mossy roof tiles. On the way to Pho Bang you will come across rose valley and a large buckwheat flower field along the way.

Sung La Valley


Sung La is located among the cat-ear shaped mountains and this place is known as the flower of the rock plateau because of the rustic and peaceful houses and corn fields. Coming to Sung La valley this occasion you also have the chance to admire the beautiful field of buckwheat flowers. Besides, there is Lung Cam village in Sung La valley where the lives of ethnic minorities remain intact with daily activities such as harvesting vegetables while carrying their children on the back, weaving flax, etc.

The Mansion of The Vuong Family


The Vuong family’s residence (Palace of the Vuong) located in Sa Phin valley is a unique architectural work built by Vuong Chinh Duc (known as Cat King) in the early 20th century and built in 8 years by Van Nam workers (China) and the Mong people (Vietnam). This is an interesting architectural and cultural crossroads. The entire mansion is nearly 3,000 square meters, carrying 3 different cultural architectures: Chinese, Mong and French.

Lung Cu Flagpole


This is the national flagpole located at the top of Lung Cu, also known as the Dragon Mountain with an altitude of about 1,470m above sea level. Seen from below, Lung Cu flagpole stands tall on the top of Dragon Mountain with the national flag flying in the wind. This place is both a historical monument and a northernmost point of the country.

Dong Van Town


Dong Van town is located on a rocky plateau at an altitude of 1,000 – 1,600m, nestled in the middle of the valley with four mountainous sides. There is an old town and market with hundred-year architecture but still retains the ancient beauty. The old town which was formed in the early 20th century has remarkable Chinese architectural imprints. Coming to Dong Van ancient town, you can also witness the highland markets with music and typical products of the rocky plateau.

Ma Pi Leng Pass


Ma Pi Leng is a 20km-long rugged mountain pass at an altitude of 1,200m. This pass is considered as one of the “four great pass” in the northern mountains of Vietnam with 9 winding bends, high cliffs and deep chasm on both sides of the road. From the top of Ma Pi Leng, you could admire the majestic mountain scenery with one side is a steep cliff and the other side is the Nho Que river.

Hoang Su Phi


Hoang Su Phi is a highland district of Ha Giang province. In the season of ripe rice in Hoang Su Phi, the terraced fields are dyed in brilliant yellow. The areas that have the most rice in Hoang Su Phi are Luoc village, Phung village, San Sa Ho, Nam Ty, Ho Thau and Thong Nguyen.

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