Things You Need To Do When Visiting Sapa

Sapa, the paradise for Instagramers, is located at an altitude of over 1500m above the sea with many beautiful landscapes. Coming to Sapa, you might wonder where to go, what to do? Say no more! We have collected many great and useful activities and places into a nice list for your needs when you arrive in Sapa. For more reference, check out our website for latest offers and deals on Sapa Tours.

First thing to do, book a comfortable place to stay


Coming to Sapa, the first thing that must be considered is places to stay and places to eat. As one of the famous tourist destinations, Sapa of course does not lack of hotels, motels or homestays.

Things you should consider when choosing your place to stay in Sapa

1/The view should be nice; the space must be open so you can have a panoramic view of the dreamy Sapa.

2/ It’d better be near the center for easy transportation.

3/The room rates must be reasonable so you can afford more services later.

The second, conquering Fansipan peak – the rooftop of Indochina


Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina (3,143 m), located in the center of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Conquering the roof of Indochina is always on the must-try list of young people today. You can buy a tour from travel companies or organize it yourself with the Mong guides.

You can choose to go by cable car if you do not have much time. The cable car in Fasipan was put into operation in early 2016, helping thousands of tourists conquer the roof of Indochina in an easier way. It only takes you about 15 minutes to reach the top of Fansipan. Sitting on the cabin, looking at the panoramic view of the Northwest Mountains and cloudy sky, you will feel like you’re in paradise.

The third is eating Thang Co hotpot and Banh Gu Chien


Thang Co is a traditional dish of the Mong people, originating from the mountains of Ha Giang and gradually favored by all ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains. If Hanoi people are proud of Pho, Saigon people are proud of Com Tam then people in the Northwest region are proud of Thang Co. Once you try it, you will always remember this unique flavor.

If Thang Co is not enough, you can try salmon hotpot, sturgeon hotpot or seven dishes of pork meat. Sapa salmon is always praised for its firm meat, no fat, softness and sweetness. Being together with your friends, enjoying the salmon hotpot and a plate of Thit Lon Cap Nach, you will understand why Sapa is always in the top choice of tourists.

And lastly, don’t forget buying gifts for your friends and relatives at home!


Besides the delicious cuisines, Sapa is also well-known for many kinds of gift that carrying the spirit of Northwest mountains. Don’t just pick up some random items that you see on the road; Sapa has a lot of interesting things such as salmon shredded meat, brocade, or natural oils such as rose oil, cinnamon oil, etc.

Are you excited to make your visit to Sapa now? Don’t forget to visit our website for more information about Sapa Tours. September and October are the ideal time to visit Sapa because it’s also harvesting season so don’t hesitate to invite your partners to join your journey! Pick up your backpack and come to Sapa to experience it!


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