This Abandoned Waterpark In Vietnam Is Perfect For Halloween

Located on Thien An hill about 10 km from Hue city center to the southwest, Thuy Tien lake has one of the famous spooky abandoned water parks in the world and acknowledged by foreign press since 2016. You can visit this place by booking Hue tours at our website Sapa Tours.


Thuy Tien lake area was invested and built from the beginning of 2000-2006 but the projects did not work effectively. In 2011, this place was officially closed in order to research and set up new project so the park has no one to manage and look after.

In 2016, Claudio Sieber – reporter of HuffingtonPost USA – went to the abandoned water park in Thuy Tien Lake to make a reportage series. Immediately, this place became famous and attracts foreign tourists to visit Thuy Tien Lake.


From 2016 to 2018, mostly foreign tourists come to this abandoned park of Thuy Tien Lake to explore and experience the spooky, scary scenery like in a horror movie. Until the beginning of 2019, due to being shared widely by tourism fanpages, this place suddenly becomes “hot” again, attracting the curiosity of young people as well as tourists across the country.


It takes a motorbike and some serious guts to explore this abandoned waterpark-slash-aquarium outside the town of Hue. Here, live crocodiles have mingled among abandoned waterslides, half-full aquarium tanks and a massive dragon structure whose interior looks vaguely like the set of a horror film.


If you’re planning to explore here, make sure you have the heart that can “tolerate” the horror! Moreover, because of the long abandoned time, the buildings here are seriously degraded; especially the chute and tunnels do not have light and not stable enough to withstand the weight. Visitors should consider carefully before visiting!


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