Wild Himalaya Cherry Blooming On Tea Hills In Sapa

In the cold weather at the end of the year, the wild Himalaya cherry in full bloom creates pink highlights on the green shades of tea hills, mountains and forests. If you don’t want to miss this special time of the year in Sapa, contact Asia Charm Tours at our website Sapa Tours and we have your booking done in no time.


Around December to January every year, the wild Himalaya cherry trees in O Long tea hill near Sapa town bloom again, indicating the coming of spring.


The wild Himalaya cherry trees are planted alternately, along the path between the tea hills. This is also a special feature of Sa Pa compared to Himalaya cherry season in other cities such as Da Lat and Kon Tum.


The pink shades of the Himalaya cherry blossoms are like the highlight on the green picture of Northwestern mountain.


O Long tea hill has only been known for more than a year, through the photos shared by many photographers.


From Sapa town, tourists travel in the direction of Highway 4D (the road to Thac Bac, O Quy Ho pass) to reach O Long tea hill. After about 7 km to the site of O Quy Ho kindergarten, ask for directions from the locals and then go another 500 m along the small road to the tea hill area.


Wild Himalaya cherry tree often loses its leaves around October to November every year. When spring comes, the flowers cover the branches which bring out a special charming of this plant.


Wild Himalaya cherry blossom season lasts only about a month long. If you want to enjoy the scenery at the fullest, you should spend time preparing a trip to Sapa this week. If not, you can wait until early January, when this flower blooms in many roads in Da Lat.


The wild Himalayan cherry trees in Sapa are part of a private tea farm, so the visiting is limited. Visitors can admire the panoramic flower view on the road leading to O Quy Ho pass.


According to the photographers, the two most suitable time for photographing tea hills are early morning (around 6:30 – 8:00) and before sunset (around 15 – 17:30). This is when the sun is low which make the light be able to highlight the pink shade of the wild Himalayan cherry blossom.

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